Date: October 29, 2023.


08:25 Chairs’ Welcome
08:30 Keynote Talk 1 Towards Volumetric Video Realism in Extended Reality: Challenges and Opportunities
09:30 Technical SessionĀ  1 Towards Optimising Transport Protocols on the 5G Edge for Mobile Augmented Reality
09:45 Correlation between Entropy and Prediction Error in VR Head Motion Trajectories
10:00 Break
10:30 Technical SessionĀ  2 Subjective Quality Evaluation of Point Clouds using Remote Testing
10:45 A Haptic-enabled, Distributed and Networked Immersive System for Multi-User Collaborative Virtual Reality
11:00 Keynote Talk 2 Multisensory Immersive Experiences: From Monitoring of Human Influential Factors to New Applications in Healthcare